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“MEMORIES” (Sony Classical) è il nuovo album di ALBERTO PIZZO, realizzato con la co-direzione artistica del Maestro LUIS BACALOV, agli Abbey Road Studios di Londra. Arrangiatore della musica di “Memories” insieme ad Alberto Pizzo, il Maestro Luis Bacalov ha partecipato al …

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On The Way

“ON THE WAY”, recorded in the spring of 2013 live at Bunker Studio di Brooklyn – New York, boasts a number of important collaborations including: artists (internationally renowned jazz musician with collaborations with artists such as Cassandra Wilson, Al Foster, Zucchero, …

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FUNAMBULIST rappresenta l’album d’esordio di Alberto Pizzo, registrato per Cinevox Record, nel corso di una serie di concerti live negli studi di RAI RADIO 1, negli studi Trafalgar di Roma e negli studi di Rai Corporation a New York. L’album, distribuito …


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Born in Naples on March 13, 1980, Alberto Pizzo began studying piano ever since he was young.

In 2004 he graduated at the Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples and participated in several National and International Piano Contests, always putting himself among the first places. In 2006 he graduated with Second Degree in Piano Concert at the Conservatory of Naples.

In February 2007, as a solo pianist, performs for Rai International music for a program on Vincenzo Bellini and in the same year is the author and musician for RaiTre’s GEO & GEO tv show.

In 2009 he held a concert in Japan at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, performing both solo and accompanied by soprano Yuki Sunami.

In 2011 he moved to New York, performing at Manhattan jazz venues.
In 2012 Alberto composes his first album Funambulist for Cinevox Records. This album contains some reinterpretations of famous soundtracks like Ennio Morricone’s or Goblins’, tracks from the neapolitan tradition but original songs too. as a special guest is a special guest on this album.

In November of the same year, during the Cabarete Jazz Festival in Santo Domingo, he meets guitarist and producer artists, with whom he co-produces the second album On The Way. So many participated in this project, recorded in Spring 2013 live at Bunker Studio’s in New York, beside Fabrizio Sotti, musicians such as Mino Cinelu, Renzo Arbore, Toquinho and David Knopfler, with whom he plays an unpublished track recorded in London in October 2013: “This ship has sailed“, the text is written and sung by Knopfler, the music is Pizzo, playing piano with Martin Ditcham (drummer of Rolling Stones, Sade, Elton John), Pete Shaw (U2 bassist), Harry Bogdanovs (guitarist Elthon John, Westernhagen, John Farnham, among others).

On August 9th, 2013 Alberto Pizzo performs at the Ravello Festival during the “Canzoni dal Secolo Breve” show, inaugural event of the exhibition “C.A. Bixio – Musica e parole del ‘900 italiano” presented by Pippo Baudo.

In 2014 On The Way promotional tour continues with various concerts in Italy and abroad: on May 8th at Teatro Bellini in Naples where Pizzo improvises together with Chick Corea, on June 4th at the Highline Ballroom as the only Italian artist for the Blue Note Jazz Festival, then in August with several concerts in Japan, New York, on September 4th at Ravello Festival with a piano solo concert, and on the September 13th he performed at the 30th edition of the Sele d’Oro Prize, with the symphonic orchestra directed by Maestro Luis Bacalov.

In November 2014 he worked as a music director and pianist at the Teatro Diana in Naples, in the show “La sciantosa” with Serena Autieri. On January 12, 2015, at the Teatro Diana in Naples, is the protagonist of the new project “3 Piano Generations” ( 3 pianos on stage) with Luis Bacalov and Danilo Rea.

In February 2015, his song “Mediterraneo” is selected and released by Sony Music in a collection of the best performers in the year 2014 on the Palco Smeraldo of Eataly in Milan. In March of that same year, he became “Official Artist Yamaha” in Hamburg, and thus opened a prestigious collaboration with the most impressive piano brand in the world.

3 PIANO GENERATIONS – 3 pianos on stage was so successful it was held in various locations: at the Auditorium of Porto Antico in Genoa on April 10th 2015 in trio with Luis Bacalov and Stefano Bollani; on June 29th at the Teatro Romano of Spoleto as part of the Festival dei 2 Mondi with Luis Bacalov and Rita Marcotulli as well as others. Among the various events of summer 2015, the concert at the Edison Hall in Milan under Piano City Milano, the return to Japan with a mini tour of three concerts (Kurashiki, Matsuyama and Tokyo) and August 15th with Bacalov at the Ohrid Summer Festival at St. Sophia Church in Macedonia.

In November 2015 Alberto joins the rose of the artists of Sony Classical who launches his third album “Memories” in March 2016, recorded at the historic Abbey Road Studios in London, and performs, in addition to classical works, compositions accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra directed by M ° Luis Bacalov.

In the summer of 2016, the Japanese national TV NHK chooses him as the protagonist of an entire documentary that tells his life in the most fascinating places of Naples.
In 2017 he performed with the “3 Piano Generations” project in Bangkok in trio with Rita Marcotulli and Cesare Picco and as soloist in Istanbul.

He then played for the opening concert of the Walk of Life marathon for Telethon with the project “In Lucem – in the shadow of Caravaggio walking to the light” in the wonderful frame of Pio Monte della Misericordia, where he improvised a composition inspired by “Sette opere di Misericordia” by Michelangelo Merisi – or Caravaggio.
In July 2017 he plays at the Pausilypon Archeological Park Grotte di Seiano during “Suggestioni all’imbrunire” with the concert “Mediterraneo in piano solo“.

In the summer of 2017 he performed at the Casa del Jazz in Rome and returns to Japan where his live shows are always sold out. On October 1st he participated at the Dalsong Festival of the 100 pianos performing at Daegu on the largest stage in South Korea, in front of a crowd of over 11,000 people who applauded him with great enthusiasm.

In addition to Live shows, his projects are also directed elsewhere and he devotes himself to composing the music for Rosario Montesanti and Pino Ammendola “Anima”, a movie which will be released in theaters presumably in the spring of 2018.

At the end of September 2017 he decided to build his own company: Alberto Pizzo Music Publishing.





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